TheElephantNL is the pseudonym of Collin Kasbergen, a Dutch based contemporary generative artist. He began developing a talent for aesthetic and digital art at a young age, leading him to enrol at the HKU University of Arts in the Dutch city of Utrecht. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Art and Technology, he dabbled in designing and producing escape rooms.

Meanwhile, Collin started to develop an interest in the clean elegance of geometric patterns, color theory and the use of creative coding in art making. Drawing inspiration from the old Dutch masters of abstract painting – like Piet Mondrian -, Collin started experimenting with generative art, perfecting his skill along the way. In 2021, Collin released his first series of art works on Art Blocks.

Through his art, Collin displays an excellent eye for abstract composition, minimalism and finding harmony between colours and shapes. Each work embodies cleanliness and vibrancy, is straightforward, but challenging to the mind. Right now, Collin is working on a second series. Once released, there will only ever be one copy of each work. Each piece is limited and therefore, truly unique. A strong collaboration between man and machine.